The Evolution of myScoop

It has been over 4 years since I created myScoop, the once called “the real time South African blog aggregator”. Let’s face it, aggregation is dead. As with all things in life, change should be the only constant and this is the reason myScoop has been completely overhauled into something new – a premium blog [...]

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Introducing PingPong, site uptime and performance monitor

I’ve been feverishly working on my new startup, PingPong. It’s a website uptime and performance monitoring tool that sends you an SMS and Email as soon as your website goes down. I believe this tool to be absolutely vital for any online business, agencies, and e-commerce websites. If you’re making money via a website or [...]

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Evernote hacked: 50 million user accounts compromised


Evernote, the service and app that allows you to record anything about your life, business or ideas recently sent out an email stating that they will be carrying out a service-wide password reset due to suspicious activity on their servers. Although they mention that they are taking precautionary measures to ensure your account is safe, they do [...]

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How to evaluate and start any online business

Evaluate and start any online business

Starting any business and risking your normal monthly income can be a daunting task. Ask me, I have 3 kids and considerable monthly expenses. So what is required in order to start an online business with minimal risk? I’ll go through the basics below.   Evaluate your business idea You may think your idea is [...]

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Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress (based on reviews)

The other night, while looking for a live chat / live support solution for my wife’s new website, I managed to find a mountain of very similar plugins. As with most people in this situation, I decided to go with who had the best reviews. The total quantity of reviews doesn’t matter to me, it’s [...]

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