The Evolution of myScoop

It has been over 4 years since I created myScoop, the once called “the real time South African blog aggregator”. Let’s face it, aggregation is dead. As with all things in life, change should be the only constant and this is the reason myScoop has been completely overhauled into something new – a premium blog network that offers bloggers the opportunity to monetise their blogs and offers advertisers the opportunity to get their message out to millions of South Africans in a relevant and unique manner.

The idea

I have been playing with this idea for quite some time now. Just like AdDynamo’s “sponsored tweets” concept, the concept of “paid blogging” is relatively new to South Africa and there have been a few discussions around it over the past year. I have been working full tilt to get the system up and running and I’m finally proud to announce the relaunch of myScoop.

How it works

It’s quite a simple tool at the moment. Bloggers have their choice of which campaigns they would like to be a part of and get paid according to how popular their blog is. Advertisers create campaigns within myScoop and then choose which blogs they would like to have writing about their brand, product or service. For ethical reasons, all sponsored posts need to be fully disclosed on the blogs. All of this is controlled through the myScoop App.

myScoop has over 1000 South African blogs registered giving potential advertisers the luxury of choice as to when and how their message is spread throughout the millions of South African internet users.


Introducing PingPong, site uptime and performance monitor

I’ve been feverishly working on my new startup, PingPong. It’s a website uptime and performance monitoring tool that sends you an SMS and Email as soon as your website goes down.

I believe this tool to be absolutely vital for any online business, agencies, and e-commerce websites. If you’re making money via a website or have a strong online presence it’s essential to reduce the amount of time your website is offline. It’s inevitable that your site will go down but knowing when it happens allows you to act quicker and get your site operational again. Hence the reason for creating PingPong.

PingPong is a site monitoring tool that:

  • Alerts you via SMS & email when your website(s) go down
  • Provides performance metrics
  • Provides error logs to help you debug your website downtime

There’s a few benefits of having such a tool:

  • If you’re in ecommerce and you’re site goes down, you obviously lose money.
  • If you are running AdWords campaigns and your site goes down, all your ads run the risk of being disapproved.
  • If you’re an agency, it’s helpful to know that a client’s site is down before they know. This allows you to act quicker.

PingPong is still very new and there is a host of features I plan on releasing over the next few months:

  • Automatic weekly/monthly reports (emailed to you)
  • Better, more modern user interface
  • More “checks” (such as checking if your mail server is up, checking if your MySQL server is up, etc)
  • Public page (allow others to see your downtime and performance reports)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new startup.

SocialPress – A SA Startup Worth Watching

A new social media platform has emerged in South Africa with great potential. Enter, a tool designed to make business networking easier, and more fun. This is truely a great initiative started by Anton Koekemoer set to take South Africa by storm.

A new social media platform has emerged in South Africa with great potential. Enter, a tool designed to make business networking easy while keeping the element of fun on the cards. This is a truely great initiative started by Anton Koekemoer set to take South African socialites and business owners by storm.

I have been watching the progress of this wonderful tool for the passed week and I must say, it really is climbing the ranks and getting more popular day by day. Have a look at the following stats from

I know from experience that a climb like that in “reach” is quite exponential and very difficult to achieve. This also just goes to show that effectively networking yourself online can pay off in big ways, and Anton has done this well.

Some functionality offered from SocialPress:

  • Communicate with other members
  • Upload your links and allow others to comment on it
  • Join in on Forum discussions
  • Create and join industry related groups.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest events.
  • There will soon enough be the option to create your own SocialPress blog

Well done to SocialPress and remember to keep the momentum flowing! Keep up the great work.