How to reduce your CPA with minimal effort

Forget about how great your click through ratio is and how many visitors your managed to get off that one keyword and take a moment to focus on your actual CPA, or Cost per Acquisition (a.k.a. Cost per Lead). This has become somewhat of a buzz word in the South African online advertising industry as of late, though it really should have been a key factor straight off the bat. Online agencies have been focusing their attention more on CTR’s and the sheer volume of visitors and have forgotten to focus on what really counts – you’re Return on Investment!

Reducing your CPA can take a lot of brain power, epic late nights and can add to your grey hair at a rate second to none. With that being said, I have decided to help you out with a series of tips to keep you “above the fold”. These tips will help you reduce your CPA in a matter of days, rather than months. The steps below are related to how you can optimise your landing pages in order to reduce your CPA.

Remove 99% of the links on your page

Depending on your product or goal of your landing page, ensure that you have removed any links that can distract the user from turning into a sale or a lead. If you have all the information that the user needs on your landing page, the user shouldn’t need to click on anything but the call to action you want them to click on. By simply removing the navigation and other distracting links from your page you will reduce the movement away from your page by up to 30%, which in turn can improve your conversion rate by 3% or more.

Optimise “Instinctiveness”

The user needs to instinctively know what to do on the page. Whether they need to fill out an enquiry form or add an item to a shopping cart, make sure that the CTA is as clear to them as a crack in their car’s windscreen. Make the CTA stand out by using different colours to that of your brand and layout. A study has found that a softer blue colour appeals more to users in the morning while an orange tone appeals more to afternoon visitors – fact!


Trust plays a massive psychological role in the way a user interacts with your website or landing page. Ensure there are trust elements such as testimonials, SSL certificates and any other image, badge or message you believe will help the user trust your product or service. If you are using SSL, make sure that you have a big badge displaying the fact that the user’s information is secure – this will help increase your conversions by more than 5%


Optimising these three elements of your landing page could double or even triple your current conversion rate and thereby reduce your CPA with little effort. Remember to keep testing different variations of your landing pages in order to fully optimise your CPA.

Author: NickDuncan

Nick is the owner of Code Cabin, founder of WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat Support, and Sola Plugins,

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  1. Some nice tips, Nick.
    I especially like the ‘removal of redundant links’ idea. I’ve never understood why some people plaster adsense ads all over their landing page. 

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