Latest myScoop changes and future plans

I thought I’d take some time to jot down a few changes that were implemented in myScoop for February 2010. I have received numerous requests on a number of matters regarding the changes that have taken place on the aggregator. The information below may be able to help you understand what has changed and at the same time give you a clearer idea of how things in myScoop land work.

I thought I’d take some time to jot down a few changes that were implemented in myScoop for February 2010. I have received numerous requests on a number of matters regarding the changes that have taken place on the aggregator. The information below may be able to help you understand what has changed and at the same time give you a clearer idea of how things in myScoop land work.

Social Bookmarking
Due to various reasons I have decided to shut down the social bookmarking section. There was no substantial referral volumes being created in this section, and to be honest, not many people were using it. I may or may not reinstate the section at a later stage once I have given it more attention and created better features. I may also decide to create a completely new site just for the social bookmarking section. Only time will tell. In the meantime, a great alternative has been created from a web entrepreneur I engage with regularly: MediaPress.

The Popular Section
“How does the popular section work?” I have received plenty of requests on this over the past few days, and all within reason as I have made a few tweaks here and there without informing anyone. This was purely for testing purposes. As it stands today, myScoop uses the following method to calculate which posts get shown in the “Popular Section” on the front page: If your article has more than one comment, and has received the most amount of unique clicks through the myScoop website, and through the myScoop shortened URI’s during the passed 72 hours, it will appear on the front page in the relevant category. At the moment, there are no spots for Sports, Politics and Blogging due to the lower quantities of articles being published on those categories.

Popular Section of myScoop

I have decided to display the amount of comments of each article, this not only lets users see how popular and active a particular article is, but these statistics will also be used soon enough to rank your blog in the new section I intend to create – “Top Interactive Blogs”. This will also promote interactivity between blogs and blog readers.


I have created and altered categories in order to make things a little easier for the user. I feel that the layout before had too much information on one page and in one section and was intimidating for users to browse through. If you feel that I am missing any categories, please let me know.

The search function has been updated to include blog names (and blog addresses) when checking against the database. This means that your search will not only look for articles that match your query, but blogs as well.

Ping Blog
I have created the well-needed “Ping Blog” function. When clicked on, myScoop will immediately fetch your latest articles. This is very handy if you do not like waiting those few extra minutes for the myScoop crawler. With that being said, I have doubled the rate at which the myScoop crawler fetches your articles.


Instead of having the graphs on the “myPage” section, I have decided to give the stats a separate page. This means that your live stats and your 14 day stats graphs will be on one page.

Features Coming Soon
– More detailed blog statistics – including: User browser percentages and a monthly stats graph. Your opinions and ideas are welcome here.
– As I mentioned above, a new section for “Top Interactive Blogs” showing off the blogs with the most comments (totaled average – debatable)
– More categories – as per your validated requests.
– Overall stats section – displaying the blogosphere statistics as a whole.
– myScoop widgets and gadgets (to be announced later)

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please let me know! You can contact me directly on @ or simply add a comment below. Until next time. Happy Scoopin’ !

Author: NickDuncan

Nick is the owner of Code Cabin, founder of WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat Support, and Sola Plugins,

17 thoughts on “Latest myScoop changes and future plans”

  1. This is looking great, like the new look and can’t wait for the new interactive section. Keep up the good work Nick.

  2. A “Top Interactive Blogs” section – and taking interactivity into account when determining rank – is a cool idea! Perhaps when/if the bookmarking section returns you could make that interactive too by allowing users to up/down vote articles? (i.e. what Muti does).

    I do think there could be a couple more popular articles on the homepage though. With only four it does seem lacking …

  3. Thanks Galen. I think you’re right with regards to the qty of popular articles. I’ll look into this some more..!

  4. Just a quick afterthought:
    On the one hand you don’t want to drive users away from Muti, but on the other good competition keeps web developers on their toes on usually leads to better service. The down-vote option has been a contested issue on Muti for a while and there are several users who want it back. It would be interesting to see if people prefer using myScoop as their social bookmarking tool (if it were back and had a down-vote option).
    An interaction voting feature would also encourage people to use this section more 🙂

  5. Definitely..!  There are a few articles I would like to vote down from time to time 😉 I like this idea…


  6. I agree 100% with Galen.  Bookmarking with voting buttons ( brings more interaction from the users.  It just depends on how you will make this interactivity work.
    Competition is healthy.  That’s one of the biggest problems in South Africa.  People are too scared to try new things because their competition is the bigger.

  7. I’m probably the last person to comment on design but I actually preferred the older interface. It was a bit of a kick to see the traffic graphs of Myscoop climbing each week.

    Probably soft and fluffy but watching an SA entrepreneur hitting onto something that appeared to be working was just nice to see.

    Also I found the layout for articles easier to follow with the old format. Sorry just my humble opinion

    1. Hi Marc, everyone is entitled to their opinions.
      I can however accommodate your own suggestion about the overall blog statistics as I will be adding this feature to myScoop today again. It will have its own section though as I plan to include other interesting and useful statistics too.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Hey Nick, I have been thinking. Why don’t you add user stats like the 5 most popular articles in the last 24 hours and last 30 days with a pie chart. Would be nice to see what articles are your most viewed in that time frames, perhaps a 7 day list also.

  9. I like Gerhards suggestion – as it stands you have two articles above the fold of the page – assuming the user does not make use of the navigation scrollers. Might be an idea to try and get a few more above the fold from a click through perspective.

  10. @Gerhard great idea, maybe even a a date range selector to view the stats between those dates. I like it!
    @Marc I think you may be talking about something else here, are you referring to articles on the front page? I think you may be right about the number of articles above the fold on the front page, I’ll think about this some more and get back to you.

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