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Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress (based on reviews)

The other night, while looking for a live chat / live support solution for my wife’s new website, I managed to find a mountain of very similar plugins. As with most people in this situation, I decided to go with who had the best reviews. The total quantity of reviews doesn’t matter to me, it’s [...]

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Copy Compass – a South African SEO Plugin

Copy Compass - Content Analysis WordPress Plugin

If you dont already know, Copy Compass is the latest project under the wing of the newly branded digital marketing agency, Talooma. Copy Compass is a WordPress plugin that analyses your copy to best search engine optimisation practices. it provides you with in overall score as well as highlights key areas that may need optimising [...]

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WordPress 3 error: Warning: Cannot modify header information

This error message has the ability to drive some developers completely insane. However, the solution to this error is A LOT easier than you think.

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myScoop’s first WordPress Plugin – “myScoop Rank Display”

Its been quite some time that I’ve been wanting to develop a WordPress widget for myScoop users. I have finally put something together. Once activated, this plugin will let you be able to select a Widget to display on your blog. This Widget will automatically connect to myScoop and display your blogs rank history for the past 14 days.

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6 Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress is arguably one of the most powerful and easy to use content management systems out on the free market today, which gives host to a huge array of downloadable plugins to improve the interactivity of your blog and overall satisfaction of your readers. Although keep in mind, some of the most powerful and useful plugins are those that your readers will never even get to see.

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